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The on-demand career- can you make it work?
  • Alastair Haldane
  • February 1, 2018
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“On-demand” is not a new concept, it’s a modernised version of “just in time” and evolved from use in manufacturing to services. The on-demand talent concept has benefits for the demand and supply side as demonstrated by the likes of Uber, Lyft, Airtasker, Fiiver, the list goes on.

As companies flow with global social and economic conditions over the last 4 decades from providing a fixed workforce with jobs for life, to using contractors, to creating a flexible workforce, to sourcing an on-demand workforce and talent community, we all need to adjust.

An on-demand career is one where you are not at the mercy of one employer or organisation. You are free to pick and choose who your expertise and values align with and collaborate with those businesses for mutual benefits. Businesses benefit from engaging experts in their field when they have a set of deliverables that can be done in a fixed time frame.

You, the on-demand contractor fits work into your schedule and set your price. Kind of like a freelancer but when you join a community like OnContractor, you are not left on your own in the wild. You are part of a community that benefits from collective marketing, learning and affiliation with a niche expertise offering.

How can you use this shift in workforce utilisation to your advantage?

Use it to build your business. For those who have always wanted to be their own boss, platforms like OnContractor ( and Upworks are a good source of work and revenue stream for those at the beginning stages of freeing themselves from the rat race.

Use it to create a lifestyle. The freedom to pick who you share your expertise and collaborate with people you want to work with and the projects you want to work on and work from wherever you want is the dream, right? Sometimes the dream can turn into a cashflow nightmare but OnContractor takes this risk away for freelancers engaged through our platform.  We pay fortnightly or upon project completion if the project is less than 2 weeks. This will allow you to achieve that freedom lifestyle you want without canned chickpeas being the only thing you eat.

Cash me on the side. You may just want to have a bit of extra cashflow on the side to save up for a trip or a new phone or to fix your car door. So, you just want a small project that can be delivered in your spare time. Some of our clients only want a database delivered or a top of the range spreadsheet delivered.  Perfect for the side giggers.

Creative/intellectual pursuit. There are those enlightened beings among us who are not motivated by money, but rather the opportunity to do something they love and if it pays, that’s a bonus. You can use any of the free market place platforms for this. We encourage our clients to pay you for your passion though.

Alternative way to temp. You can look at OnContractor and other on-demand platforms as an alternative platform to engage in temp work or short-term contracts while you are in between jobs or career moves. You don’t need an ABN to be part of the OnContractor community, we are flexible with the way you wish to engage with us.

This method of work isn’t for everyone yet, but it is something to be aware of and consider in your career tool belt. We are here to assist if you want to give it a go.

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Reflecting on 2017
  • Alastair Haldane
  • January 11, 2018
  • Mining

Happy January to all and I hope everyone had a safe and happy break.

As 2017 disappears in the rear view mirror, its given the team here an opportunity to look back and reflect on what was a terrific first year.

Definitely the key highlight was seeing the power of the platform come to life offering clients significant savings whilst contractors remain well paid and optimally utilised.

A few of our favourite moments include:

  • Contractors working flexibly in their areas of expertise.
  • A global gold miner discovering they could have saved 46% on structural engineers salaries in 2017 if they’d used OnContractor.
  • A government client saving $15k and 8 business days on a well integrity test report. The work was completed by a stay at home mum with 18 years relevant experience.
  • An Assistant accountant bidding through the platform 33% cheaper than the rate put forward by her recruiter.
  • A botanist who moonlights as an excel wizard connecting with contractors to assist with forecast modelling.

We’ve hit the ground running this week with projects in Oil & Gas, Contracting, Finance and Marine engineering all looking for people. If you’d like to see how OnContractor connects companies to experts email


The OnContractor team



Merry Christmas from the team at OnContractor
  • Alastair Haldane
  • December 7, 2017
  • Corporate

The OnContractor team thank you for your support in 2017!

It’s been a fantastic year at OnContractor. In January our platform went live  & we’ve been running hard all year connecting companies to the best contractors and consultants from around the globe. Thanks to your support our team has grown with significant project opportunities found and work won from Sydney to the Pilbara.

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